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(Information on Microsoft's plans to launch a pay TV service and the foreclosure process added to today's Hot Trends article.)



) -- "Cable TV" is a hot search topic today following a report from Reuters that




exploring a pay-TV deal with media companies

to deliver programming through its Xbox.

The company is looking to join tech leaders






in competing with the cable industry.

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The Xbox game console will make for an easy entry for Microsoft since the device is already connected to the Internet and the TV. The service could take as long as a year to launch.

"Foreclosure process" is a trending search topic today as Congress

investigates the robosigning scandal

that has besieged the country's largest mortgage servicers.



recently announced that it may have to refile thousands of foreclosure documents, as some papers may not have been signed in the presence of a notary.

Bank of America



JPMorgan Chase


temporarily halted foreclosure proceedings in judicial states while they reviewed hundreds of thousands of affidavits that may have flaws while

Wells Fargo


has indicated that 55,000 documents had to be refiled, though it hasn't stopped processing foreclosures.

"Medicare drug plans" is a popular search topic today after the annual open enrollment period for seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D prescription drug plans began on Nov. 15. The period will continue through Dec. 31.

During this time, seniors in the federal health insurance program can make changes to their coverage. Any changes will take effect Jan. 1, 2011

Customers are researching their options as many plans have changed drug coverage and pricing.

"Credit card debt" is a trending search topic today after a debt adviser at

said that closing a paid off credit card account may negatively affect a consumer's credit.

>>Debt May Not Always Be Such a Bad Thing

Steve Bucci explains that 15% of an Fair Isaac Corporation score, or FICO score, is comprised of the length of one's credit history. By closing their oldest accounts consumers could see a decline in their credit score.

Despite this, Bucci suggests that consumers should close paid off credit card accounts because it will help them avoid getting into debt again.

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-- Written by Theresa McCabe in Boston.

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