MCI WorldCom Sours the Pie

On a day when all the ingredients are there for a rally, WorldCom leaves the trader with a bad taste in his mouth.
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Spotty and inconsistent. With a dose of salt from

MCI WorldCom


. Some of these days do read like recipes. Today we have lots of the elements we need for a rally: nice bonds, oversold markets, good talk from the

Credit Suisse First Boston

conference (well

covered by

Adam Lashinsky

), and some terrific pin action from




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But WorldCom tastes like a bad ingredient. A top-line miss would be rough on this stock. I don't want to get bigger in the name until Bernie Ebbers, the genius behind WorldCom, comes out and says this is all a big to-do about nothing. (That is, if it IS about nothing.)

WorldCom soured the whole pie!

That said, I still think we are on sked for a nice repast and I am sticking with my buys.

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