MBNA Grabs the Reins

After a down close for the stock yesterday, the trader figured business was bad. Wrong!
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! Finally companies are taking matters into their own hands about these crummy closes that so confuse people. Finally we are getting some discipline.

Every morning I go over the stocks that declined the most on a percentage basis the day before. This morning when I was riding in I saw that MBNA had dropped dramatically. As MBNA is a major issuer of credit cards I figured business must have turned down. Something had to have gone wrong. I told our head trader that because of the MBNA collapse we had to be extra careful of the banks, all of which might have credit-card problems.

Fortunately, MBNA issued a statement this morning talking about that closing price and pointing out that it was a markdown. The stock hadn't really fallen. There were no problems at MBNA. In fact things are quite good.

As you know, I think that these markups and markdowns are happening way too often. The exchanges seem helpless to do a thing about it. But the issuers are not similarly constrained.

Kudos to MBNA for taking matters into its own hands. I hope other corporations act accordingly. It is about time we put some truth back into closing prices.

Random musings:

Secondary barometer showing real strength today. The deals are all holding and jumping to premiums. Good sign short-term.

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