Why do I think this rally feels more markup than "real?" First, because nothing has happened. Sure, we are further along in the tightening process. And we have lots of stocks that are at the low end of their ranges moving higher.

But there are many things that are working today that wouldn't be if this were not the end of the month. Let's take the


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move. Intel last week would have been down on the announcement from



that it is going to use an alternate chip from Intel. Of course, Intel had Dan Niles' positive call from


, but those comments were simply consistent with his comments at his previous firm.



negative comments about



would normally impact




America Online


. But they aren't today because institutions want those stocks higher.

I think worried portfolio managers who have been selling these kinds of names are not selling today in order NOT to hurt their performance. I think others are making things happen on the long side to boost performance. That confluence produces the benign moves we are having today.

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