For crying out loud, the


/specialist manipulation complex is at it again. Check out the close of


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. I pick on it, because last I looked it was a pretty big stock. Yet, it got the big shakeout to the downside because of some crazy rebalancing.


General Electric

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, which tacked on $6 billion in the closing minutes, courtesy of this same program. Could those of you at home profit from these shot-swings? No way, you can't see this stuff and make money off of it.

I have had it with this club stuff. These crazy prints have to stop.

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These rip-offs to the upside and downside make no sense given the technology we now have to match buyers and sellers. Someone will come forward now and say that it is impossible, that it is the luck of the draw, that nothing can be done.

And that will smack more of fantasy than of fact. And the dissembler will get away with it because no one really knows what goes on behind the curtain.

Public trust or private rip-off?

You decide.

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