When I last left you guys,


was attempting to qualify for our regional Junior Olympics. The results? Six events swum, five personal bests, two cuts made! A pretty darn good performance. I'm proud of that girl!

And speaking of darn good performances -- or lack thereof -- did anyone listen to


call regarding



on last week's "TheStreet.com" on

Fox News Channel

? That knucklehead totally dissed the stock -- and it's up 50% since his thrashing! (Oh, yeah, some moronic technician also trashed it, but let's not bring that up.) So what can I say? Inprise rules!

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Which reminds me of our rules: Send in your questions to

technicalforum@thestreet.com, along with your full name, and I will try to respond. But remember, the resources of our crack TA staff are severely limited, so if you don't see an answer, remember, it's certainly not personal!

The Good, the Bond and the Ugly

As a final comment on my

Bond trivia from last Saturday, I had to include reader

Jerry Reed's

response, as I'm pretty sure his answer nailed it!

The Bond family motto is, "Only make movies with beautiful women and ugly villains." Speaking of ugly villains, do you think that Creditrust (CRDT) will bounce off its double bottom? Its fundamentals are outstanding, but short-sellers prevail. -- Jerry Reed

Lycos Is Worth the Look

Would you take a look at Lycos (LCOS) for me? It looks like it is poised to go higher. What do you think? -- John R. Vietor

Shhh! Don't Tell Cramer

Could you look at E-Tek Dynamics (ETEK) ? The chart looks promising, and I wanted to get in before Cramer and Jacobs add it to their sizzlin' Red Hot index. -- Doug Lively

Promising, Promising

What do you think about Concur Technologies (CNQR) , a secondary player in the B2B space? -- J. Jay Jerome

Three Bulls -- It's a Snap!

Would you please comment on Healtheon/WebMD (HLTH) and CNet (CNET) - Get Report? -- Yang Jin

Yang, how about CNet today?

Razorfish Is Doing the Sidestroke

Unlike Will Rogers, I never met a technical analyst I did like -- until now. That said, how about Razorfish (RAZF) ? With your interest in swimming, is this fish floundering? -- Cheryl Hammock

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