Making Money Is Just So <I>Boring,</I> Dahling

How tiresome it has all become! If it weren't for Padinha, Cramer would be weekending already.
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Pamplona again. I figure if we keep this up, the talking heads will soon have to start talking about how darned boring this all is, as if we ever get tired of making money when we are long.



snored higher as the


snoozed its way up, and the


zzzzz'd to a new high. Ho-hum."

I guess that beats chronic negativity.

Was going to try to sneak out of here to focus on my rewrite but I got slapped upside the head by that vicious war-mongering

James Padinha

, who couldn't resist a cheap retaliatory

shot at me. Just kidding. I like the guy.

Particularly when he agrees with me.

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