Your Next Stimulus Check

Don't feel like waiting around for Congress to possibly approve a second stimulus check? With a few cutbacks in your spending, you'll be able to save $600 by Labor Day.
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OK, who is up for more government gravy in the form a second stimulus check? We thought so. Of course the yeas that really matter might not get the deal done in timely manner, if ever.

In an attempt to bring the country out of its economic rut, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) recently proposed a second stimulus check package. The trouble? Congress begins its recess Aug. 8, and a stack of other issues need to be dealt with first, leaving the potential second round of stimulus in limbo.

So instead of waiting around for Congress to pass another package, why not create your own stimulus check?

Now is the perfect time to start saving, and

Consumer Reports

gives MainStreet the lowdown on how you will be able to write yourself a $600 check by Labor Day.

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