Jim Cramer educates and entertains "

Mad Money" viewers and readers nightly not only about financial markets but also about books, history and often himself. Take our "Mad Money" culture quiz this week of Jim's 500th show, then check back next Friday for a new set of teasers.

(You'll find the answers at the end of the quiz.)

1. Reminiscing on his 500th "Mad Money" show, what did Cramer say he lost since the show started airing?

    25 lbs.

    a molar

    his sense of pride

    a lot of money recommending Montpelier Re before Hurricane Katrina

    2. During his show on big pharma, where he especially disdained

    Johnson & Johnson

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    but said investors could buy

    Eli Lilly

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    ( SGP), Cramer said he must have seen this movie 47 times:

      The Fugitive

      Raging Bull

      21 Grams

      Private Benjamin

      3. What did Cramer say he would do on "holidays" at his hedge fund?

        wear Birkenstocks to the office

        make Turducken

        listen in on earnings calls

        recite the names of S&P CEOs backwards

        4. Cramer, acquiescing to viewers who want to invest in China, grudgingly recommended


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        China Mobile

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        (SSW) - Get Report

        on a pullback, calling this "the week

          of pandering dangerously"

          the Dow stood still"

          of the Pig"

          I Iearned to love the bomb"

          5. In another segment on China stocks, Cramer named


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          Focus Media


          as risky spec plays, redubbing a movie to this:

            Farewell My Communists

            Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bear

            The No Joy, No Luck Club

            The Good Dearth

            Bonus: On Cramer's special Father's Day show, he thanked his dad for making him read this while growing up:

              Hop on Pop

              the Forward newspaper

              the stock pages

              How to Win Friends and Influence People

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