Jim Cramer nightly educates and entertains "

Mad Money" viewers and readers with information not only about financial markets but also about language, kid lit and, this week especially, Cramer. Take our "Mad Money" culture quiz this week and learn some esoterica from and about the host. Then check back next Friday for a new set of teasers.

(You'll find the answers at the end of the quiz.)

1. On what children's book did Cramer base his show about bull markets and sectors, such as agriculture (


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), where investors want to be "after a selloff of any magnitude"?

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Where the Wild Things Are

    James and the Giant Peach

    The Little Search Engine That Could

    2. Among the reasons Cramer believes that





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    should merge is that they have saturated the world and run out of places to grow. "What's next?" he ponders, "_____?"

      Krakatoa, East of Java


      Beemerville, N.J.

      The Island of the Blue Dolphins

      3. Cramer, who devoted a whole show to telling viewers how to get the most out of watching "Mad Money" -- and, of course, make more mad money -- offered up his "Mad Money Manifesto," part of which states:

        A spectre of Cramer is haunting the market.

        Arise ye investors from your slumbers.

        Save some Cheese Doodles for Grandma.

        Take my knowledge as advice, not orders.

        4. When Cramer said that "Mad Money" is not about individual stock picks but rather offers a menu, he recalled having seven courses in college of:

          Indonesian Rijsttafel

          Expository Writing for Humanists

          Hildegard of Bingen and the Gospels


          5. During Thursday's Sell Block, who did Cramer say he has trusted since their meeting in 1984?

            Michael Dell

            Saturday Night Live's Jon Lovitz

            Sears CEO Eddie Lampert

            Amelia Bedelia

            Bonus: The title of Cramer's cover story in this week's

            New York Magazine


              "Fear and Loathing in My Head"

              "Who the @#$%! Does Jim Cramer Think He Is?"

              "Lox, Stock and Pork Barrels"

              "I Was So Mad!"

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