Jim Cramer nightly educates and entertains "

Mad Money" viewers and readers not only about financial markets but also about language, literature and things avuncular. Take this week's "Mad Money" culture quiz and see if you cry "Uncle!" Then check back next Friday (heck, every Friday) for a new set of twists and turns.

(You'll find the answers at the end of the quiz.)

1. While explaining the current bull market in nickel and plays such as

Lundin Mining

( LMC),


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BHP Billiton

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, Cramer took some advice from his Uncle Sidney, who said:

    "Wear sunscreen."

    "Sue the bastards!"

    "Never put money in your mouth."

    "Leave a little something on the table."

    2. What


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    ride did Cramer refer to during his "Dirty Dozen" aggressively purchased stocks segment?

      Country Bear Jamboree

      It's a Small World After All

      Mad Tea Party

      Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

      3. Whom did Cramer strip of his Cramerican citizenship on Thursday?

        David Hasselhoff

        NYSE Euronext bears

        Pfizer's Hank McKinnell

        TheStreet Recommends

        "Uncle Ben" Bernanke

        4. Adding his 5 cents about how to buy metal miner

        North American Palladium


        , Cramer said that "in the immortal words of:

          Frank Sinatra, "Fools rush in."

          The SOS Band, "Take your time, do it right."

          Steve Miller, "Go on, take the money and run."

          Hall & Oates, "I can't go for that (no can do)"

          5. In response to a "Lightning Round" question about


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          , Cramer said that "the wheels of capitalism are greased by the desire to have

            an iPod

            wrinkle-free skin


            cosmetic surgery vacation packages

            Bonus: While talking up


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            Enterprise Products Partners

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            , Cramer said that trying to follow the moves of insiders and profiting off them is like listening to a tale told by:

              Uncle Fester

              Akira Kurosawa in his movie, Throne of Blood

              an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing and not making you any money.

              Jeffrey Skilling

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