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Jim Cramer endeavors to educate and entertain "

Mad Money" viewers and readers not only about financial markets, but also about language, literature and politics. Take this week's "Mad Money" culture quiz and see what Cramer has to say about hubris. Check back every Friday for a new set of twists and turns.

(You'll find the answers at the end of the quiz.)

1. On one of his segments about companies primed for private-equity firms, Cramer said that

TJ Maxx

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was the best place to:

    go on a date

    invest your retirement money

    return twice-worn clothes

    buy socks

    2. During his segment on riding the rails (


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    ), Cramer appropriated a quote from a famous political address to this:

      "Charity toward none, malice toward all." -- Abe Lincoln, 1865

      "I am a Krispy Kreme donut." -- JFK, 1963

      "A house divided against itself cannot stand, unless it has Sears Craftsman tools." -- Abe Lincoln, 1858

      "There is filth on the cold linoleum floor, and it must be scraped up with the muck rake." -- Teddy Roosevelt, 1906

      3. When looking for a company that may be taken private, Cramer said that "we wanna see some flaws -- not total flaws" like the hubris of:


        The House of Atreus


        Vonage CEO Jeffrey Citron

        4. Cramer violated one of his cardinal rules of never trusting a person with two first names, when he praised:

          Clark Kent

          Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack

          United Technologies CEO George David

          Diana Ross

          5. After


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          reported earnings, Cramer took CEO Sam Palmisano off his "Wall of Shame" and:

            put him in the Staten Island Mall

            gave him Oreos and no milk

            put him on probation

            made him watch The Return of the Killer Tomatoes

            Bonus: Growing up, what game would Cramer's sister Nan let him win after he started crying?


              Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots


              Tiddly Winks

              Image placeholder title