It's been a Christmas week of glitches for us at

The Street

, and more importantly for all of you who've read us.

Among the lowlights:

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Our email bulletin didn't quite make it out on time on December 30 or 31; although they went out, they may not have been quite as useful as usual, since the stories had been on the site for several hours at that point.

The introduction of our new statistics program, an internal tracking device, caused the site to blink frequently and hard at various times between December 26 and December 30

The stock quote, mutual fund quote, and portfolio track features gulped in a bit of seawater on the evening of December 30

We're happy to report that these problems are now resolved, and that the Web is as happy a home as ever for us. At the same time, we continue to welcome your feedback, emailed to


And we promise to try to use this space in the future to talk about the one thing that really obsesses us--no, not Javascript--making you money.