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Looking for Something to Say

The talking heads are scrambling to find something -- anything -- to talk about amid the market's climb.
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Gee, the market's up almost 100. Does that ever muck up the talking-head script!! They must be scrambling. Let's see, how about that nasty decline in International Paper (IP) - Get International Paper Company Report? That's worth talking up. Did that Eastman Kodak (EK) piece, that same negative story that's been flogged endlessly by Prudential all week and now ends up as the lead story in the morning's Journal -- amazing!!! -- hurt the stock. Oops, nothing done.

How about we go back to that guy Smedley, the guy who wrecked yesterday's bond market, and get more comment? What? He only talks directly to hedge funds? Guess they made a fortune off his call yesterday. Can't get him on the phone today. No way.

Yeah, "Why I Hate the Media, Part II" is all about days like today. No accountability for the big negative rap from yesterday, no sense that it even happened. How many people panicked out of yesterday's market when "The Sky Is Falling/Cry Wolf" boys were shrieking their sirens?


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