So many of you have asked us about our plans for the Fed, that I will play my hand open for you.

We get 50

basis points and we are fine. We can buy a lot of stuff or stay long what we have if nothing sells off. We can do that because the last two slow numbers that have been reported allow the

Fed to take the summer off after 50 basis points.

About an hour ago, someone was on the tube talking about how if the Fed only does 25 basis points the market will roar. We think that's wrong. If we get only 25 basis points, the Fed will be right back in our faces next month. We don't want that. We don't want that at all.

How about more than 50 basis points? No one is talking much about that possibility. That would startle people. Anything that would startle people is not good. We want people to be "not surprised." That's why we like 50-basis-point hike. It is a crowd-pleaser and -- like May 17,

1994 -- causes a rally in just about everything.

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