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Investors cheered the LinkedIn's ( (LNKD) ) earnings results, showing a 35% year-over-year revenue increase, released Thursday for the first quarter, which was also the first full quarter its mobile app has been available.

The social networking site released its new app in December after rebuilding with the hopes of making it a platform that is easier to use and more instinctual for its users. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company received some positive reviews on the app's redesign.

"Mobile is the future, and a lot of people felt that [LinkedIn] had not capitalized off mobile," Cramer said. "Because the market is so ugly, people don't want to go back to the [companies] that did better [in the first quarter], but LinkedIn is one you want to take a hard look at."

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said in Thursday's announcement the new mobile experience helped the company increase its user interactions.

"LinkedIn delivered strong financial results and growth across our core product lines," Weiner said. "As a result of our new mobile experience, members are increasing their activity on LinkedIn, helping drive strong levels of engagement across the platform."

There are five core areas the company identified in its new app: the home screen, where users can find content relative to their profession; a "me" section, where users can see who has interacted with them; a "my network" showing new posts; a messaging section that got rid of email for a "more casual way to stay in touch," according to the company; and the search function, which allows users to find other people and jobs, among other items.

"[The first quarter] marked the first full quarter for our new mobile flagship experience," Weiner said, "and we are pleased with the performance thus far. Members are engaging at record levels with the more relevant and comprehensive feed." The CEO added viral actions and the sharing of posts grew 80% and 40%, respectively.