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Animal House

, future Senator Blutarsky (and in my mind, president) had some sage advice for Flounder: "My advice to you is to start drinking...heavily."

To despot world leaders who want to stay in power: "My advice to you is to start developing nuclear weapons...quickly."

Gadhafi made the strategic mistake of trusting the U.S. and stopping his nuclear program. I'm sure the images of Saddam being targeted on night one of Operation Iraqi Freedom didn't hurt. But now he has to be kicking himself.

Had he pursued these weapons of mass destruction, he wouldn't be in the mess he's in.

President Obama said some "nations may turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries but the U.S. is different."

Ok. Here we go...

North Korea.

Unspeakable atrocities. People starving and eating dirt. Wasting away in "re-education" camps. Human skeletons. The country is so tight that it's nearly impossible to record or document the atrocities. But I guess out of sight out of mind. Silence from Obama and the administration.

Nuke count: Maybe five on a good day. Oh and they can reach Surf City, CA.


The Green Revolution. The horrific public death of Neda Agha-Soltan. A people rising up yearning for democracy. Not something else, no kidding democracy. Obama's reaction? A couple finger points a la Bill Clinton, a lot of meetings, and a furrowed brow or two. Nothing. Revolution squashed, by all independent accounts, "brutally."

Nuke count: Unknown. Maybe ask Israel. But they have them somewhere and they can reach Israel and U.S. bases in Europe.

Two countries, two brutal dictators, clear and present dangers to the United States of America.

They get a pass. I wonder why.

At an anti-war rally in 2002, then Illinois state senator Obama said using military force to remove a "brutal dictator" would be a "dumb war." Read that again in case you were a political science major like me. The "dumb war" Obama was referring to was the looming Iraq war. Obama agreed that Saddam was indeed a brutal dictator, but he "posed no direct threat to the United States."

Is anyone awake? Anyone care?

In his address on Monday (not from the Oval Office, where every president who presented his case for military action since the advent of TV has spoken from) he stated that not acting in Libya would've been a "stain on the world conscience."

Hmmmm. Didn't know the world had a "conscience."

Half the world cheered and was dancing in the streets as they watched their brothers murder innocent civilians the morning of 9/11. Or maybe he meant the world that made Libya the Chair of the UN Human Rights commission a couple years ago.

"Not acting in Libya would've stained the world conscience?" Please. You have to have a conscience first in order for it to be "stained."

And not only did the president not receive congressional approval for combat operations in Libya, according to a


report Wednesday afternoon he signed an order to secretly arm the rebels. Secretly providing arms? How'd that work out for Reagan?

The administration has not denied reports that Al Qaeda is among the rebels.

Intercepted phone call from Al Qaeda supply chief: The U.S. is handing out free arms? Where? LMFAO! We'll be right there. Oh, and, can I run for president when Gadhafi is gone?

Secretary of State Clinton finally admitted that we don't really know who the rebels are. That makes sense. Let's arm them and then find out.

The West Point Terrorism Report in 2007 concluded that "the second largest number of foreign fighters in Iraq, traveling through Syria, came from Libya, second only to Saudi Arabia." And of those foreign fighters, the West Point Report concluded that the majority came from the northeast part of Libya, where our new found "friends" are located.

On Tuesday, Admiral James Stavridis, the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, told Congress that they're starting to see a "flicker of Al Qaeda" in Libya. I've spent a fair amount of time preparing briefs for Generals and Admirals who presented to the national command authority and Congress. Where there's smoke there's fire and in Admiral speak, flicker = flame.

In the real world, "flicker" means, "I'm dying to tell you what's really going on, but I've been told not to, so I'm gonna get as close as I can. I didn't earn four stars by being an idiot and if this blows up I don't want my 36 years of service tainted."

This was the Admiral's public testimony. The Admiral then requested a "secure brief" to go into more detail on this matter. A "secure brief" in the halls of that's a good one.

Firing line:

The world is a nasty place with brutal dictators. We went into Afghanistan because we were attacked from forces in the country. We went into Iraq for the wrong reasons as I stated last week. Bush didn't need WMDs, he had ceasefire violations over a 12-year period to point to. Libya? I have no idea why we're there and risking our most precious national resources, our military, on what is clearly a civil war.

We don't even know who the good guys are.

All I know is that every "brutal" dictator just ordered their nuke program put in afterburner. Well, the ones that don't have them already.

This commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet guest contributor program. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of TheStreet or its management.