Letter to Editor: Government Spending Isn't the Answer

To help the PEOPLE, you have to help BUSINESS because that is what creates the jobs NOT government.
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The following is a letter to the editor in response to Today's Outrage: Obama Housing Plan Gets Panned. If you would like to submit a letter, please send an email to the editor.

Dear Editor,

If spending money would expand our economy, why not spend $5 trillion and we'll all have more money and be even better off.

Bottom line, study history. Japan had free money for 10 years and no one invested or borrowed. Why? Because you cannot push on a string. People on a large scale need to invest and buy homes for us to get better. For them to step up they need to TRUST three things, that they will have a job, that their home will not continue to fall in value, and that their investments will not keep falling in value.

To help the PEOPLE, you have to help BUSINESS because that is what creates the jobs NOT government. Like I said earlier, if government spending would fix us, we would already be fixed. Right?

Somebody needs to actually learn the DETAILS of how are system works to fix it and as yet I have not seen that in any area from the


to Treasury, to the Government, to the


. Only the Fed has kept us from a total collapse, but that is a far cry from thriving.

Until we actually get someone in leadership that UNDERSTANDS incentives and motivation for our system and helping the people in the mortgage mess without rewarding bad behavior, our problems will continue to worsen and accelerate.

The reason you keep hearing so much carping is because you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the proposals continue to not only be not helpful, but a tragically flawed to failure.

So, get over the responses you don't want. At lease we still have a free press, or at lease a few publications a news casts that are not on the program. If you saw your future being obliterated with stupidity based on others inept control and malfeasance, the only thing we can do is complain.

Remember we are the ones that have to live with the stupidity of their lack of leadership for generations to come!


C. Raymond Weldon


Registered Investment Advisor

Fort Lauderdale, FL