Thanks for coming.

Although this column will regularly run on Thursdays, this first week is a special case and an important event for us, and we hope for you as well. That, in addition to a delinquent predisposition to break the rules, means that you will see two of these letters this week.

In the course of working to build The Street, (as well as in my previous professional incarnations), I've flown a fair amount. In the course of those travels people have often referred to articles and publications that excited them, and I have had a good number of pleasant airborne conversations about journalists, journalism, and the products of that sometimes-arcane world.

Unfortunately, every one of these chats has revolved around a story about sports, politics, or cars. Fond as I am of all three of those evergreen sources of conversation and controversy, I was still struck by how rarely financial journalism served as the catalyst.

We would like to fix that: Our ambition is to provide you with the same liveliness and honesty that you find in sports writing, but to bring that zeal to the decisions that will help you make money. So what you will find here is, for example, a daily diary that highlights the events that really mattered at Comdex this week--but not a rundown of every earnings announcement that crosses the transom.

I suspect I am not alone in feeling, viscerally, the value of my time. The Street is a large site (or a fat magazine, or a long book--pick your analogy), and a few tips on how to make the most of what's here might save you some time. That having been said, a useful overview of the site is available by clicking on

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in the lower left-hand frame. First off, the Highlights section on the home page: A quick way to read our (subjective and occasionally arbitrary) selection of what's new and has captured our imagination lies within easy reach. The Highlights section of that page provides easy links to what we like to think is a careful selection of articles and a good use of your time. It's a front page, though, not a table of contents.

Largely for reasons of "real estate" (our graphic designer tells us this is what we need to call space on your screen in order to sound like new-media moguls), the Highlights section can incorporate only a portion of the stories we run. The others can be found by traipsing through our departments: Fund Pulse, Company Watch, et al. There's a lot there, and as you discover your favorites, I suspect you will wish to return often--for example, in Fund Pulse, you will find a new column (FundWatch) on mutual funds every day, uncovering the secrets of an industry even more arcane than journalism. Talk to me (and each other).

Forums in each department, all available in the Forums section, provide an easy way to talk about the most pressing investment issues of the day. Start new topics willy-nilly; we're decentralized, the new frontier, the wild-west-Vladivostok of the interactive investment world. But use them. Write to me as well:, is the easy way--mail to Two Rector Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10006 is the cumbersome option. And soon to come are our Auditoriums, where you will have the chance to talk to financial pros who will, in this case, return your calls--at least that night.

Finally, you should probably elect to receive a daily email bulletin that consists of a selection of stories just posted on the site. It's available in flat text format or as an attractive attached Microsoft Word document, and you can pick a version based on how Gates-compatible your email firewall is. If you pick incorrectly and the attachment doesn't quite make it to your inbox, or gets mangled in the process, switch to the flat text version. The bulletin, and past issues, are also available on the website.

Please wander. We're happy to have you here.

Ravi Desai, Editor-in-Chief