Not much gabbing today, as I'm in the final stages of vacation preparation. Frankly, you need a vacation just to recover from getting ready for a vacation!

Also, final reminder: Please do not send me any emails for about a week. They will not get answered next week, or any week, for that matter. OK, just save those good thoughts for about 10 days, then fire away!

Until then, let's run through a few last requests.

Warning Still Holds

Gary: A while ago, you warned people off Schlumberger Ltd. (SLB) - Get Report. It now looks to me like it's crossed its declining tops line and may be ready to move higher. What do you think? Jed David

Punished for Greed

Gary: I was wondering whether you could help me out mate and take a look at the chart for PFSweb (PFSW) - Get Report. I bought in at 43 1/2 on the day it went public but was stuck at school later, so I couldn't sell for a nice profit. Since I was too greedy to take a small profit, I was punished and have been hanging since. I'm taking a guess at seeing a descending triangle with a flat base. Anureet Singh Johal

Holding IBM

Gary: What do you think about IBM (IBM) - Get Report this year? I bought under $100 on the recent dip, thought it would show some strength for at least a few months. It was knocked on "" on Fox News Channel recently. Is it a good hold or should I take my small profit and run? Steve Tray

Flextronics Has Muscle

Gary: What do they charts say about Flextronics International (FLEX) - Get Report? Ed Hall

Blow Off This Bottom

Gary: How about a chart for Xircom (XIRC) , a play in the wireless market that seems to be forming a double bottom. Even the fundamentals look good. Mark Sawyer

From Boom to Kaboom

Gary: Would you please give your opinion on Metricom (MCOM) ? Looked like a great chart and then, boom! Has it broken its trendline? Any hope for it? Carl Bauer, Jr.

Zen and the Art of Profit-Taking

Gary: Any thoughts on Firstwave Technologies (FSTW) ? It has gone ballistic lately. Should I add more or take profits? Allan Folz

Beware Dark Candlesticks

Gary: Going to try one more time to get you to look at one of my poor stock choices. Venture Catalyst's (VCAT) three-month chart has a neat three-step look to it, with equal consolidation between steps up, decreasing volume during each step. I'm long at $16. Bob Failmezger

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