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Keys to a Rebound

Cramer thinks Cisco -- specifically its upcoming quarterly results -- could play a key role in any snapback rally.
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Jeff calls in from


or whatever theme park he's got up there in Westchester County, and the topic is how to play


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. Jeff wants no more common bought and instead figures that we play it with calls.

Sounds good to me.

What's amazing is that we don't talk about puts. Maybe we've come down too far too fast and it seems a little unworldly, but we both feel that Cisco could play a key role here. If Cisco talks a good game and does a good quarter, we could get a snapback. If Cisco can't motivate the troops, we are out the calls.

Sometimes you have to do what hurts most. Nothing hurt more than buying that Cisco. It went down so fast after I bought the common that the relative loss in the August 60 calls -- a quarter-point after I bought them -- seems downright benign.

Warning: Expect to lose everything if you buy these. I regard this contract as an insurance plan to help me if the market ramps while I am very underinvested.

Random musings:

Jeff tells me his kid is the one going on the rides but that he's the one who's nauseous.

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