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Just as you might have expected, this week is tiny; just two deals are slated to price. Both of them are pretty much low-end merchandise from small, low-end underwriters. Normally I wouldn't expend much effort to point out the lack of quality in such deals. I thought, however, that it was important, given that they are the only deals in the queue this week. This makes them particularly problematic for me. Here's why.



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Recently, when coming off of long holiday breaks, buyers have succumbed to a sort of temporary insanity brought on, I think, by an acute lack of deal flow. In other words, after a few days off folks tend to get hungry for IPOs and will buy anything that they can get their hands on. Don't give in to this temptation -- not with these, or any other deals. The year is young and there is a huge syndicate hopper chock full of upcoming quality offerings. Be patient and keep your powder dry. The fun starts next week!

Let's take a look at the deals this week:

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