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Keep It to Yourself

Thinking of buying a tech turnaround? Remember, they are a sucker's game.
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You want to buy a tech turnaround? Keep the idea to yourself. A few months ago, I was slamming the idea of buying "Silly Graphics," the quick and dirty name we all call

Silicon Graphics



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Someone had given me some break-up value analysis that indicated that Silly, at 13, was dramatically undervalued. I guess now it is


undervalued now.



Same thing with



. Lotta guys telling me to look at Compaq. Oh man, why? Because maybe they get it together?

Computer companies sometimes come back. I made some good money on a

Data General

turnaround. Caught a double. Periodically I played


for a turnaround and made a few sawbucks. Made a few with


; lost a few with

Ashton Tate

. Made a few with




Western Digital

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; lost it all in









Tech turnarounds are a sucker's game. It is very, very difficult for a tech company that is not


(IBM) - Get Report

to recruit the great people necessary to turn the darn things around. Talented people leave. Tech mergers tend not to work so people can't speculate on a large bid.




went from 7 to whatever. And yes, there are some hardware companies that will resurface as great buys. But the lesson of Silly Graphics is, don't even think about it. Don't waste your time. There are better fish to fry.

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