That was one impressive raid. It had it all. An


(IBM) - Get Report

warning, then denied, stupidly, by


, then reiterated by

Maria Bartiromo



, and then corrected by


. By that time the picture in IBM looked like the Bloody Cornfield in Antietam!

In the meantime the

Computer Associates

(CA) - Get Report

and CSC bombs were bursting in air. And

Ron Insana

got out the big old fire hose and turned it on high, splashing everybody down to the sidewalk.

Next thing you know it is Katy-Bar-the-Door. One of the single best ambushes I have seen. It was almost orchestrated. No wonder so many puts got bought in IBM!! How prescient those guys were. All I can say is that the IBM call that buffeted this stock was the exact same one that


Squawked on and


Squawked on and Maria Squawked on and


Squawked on and

Smith Barney

Squawked on. They just all put a different spin on it. Last man who squawks wins.

Anyway, the battle is not over, but the bulls are dazed and not even a rogue buy program amidst the sell programs seems to rally them. March Madness? What did I tell you.

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