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This blog post originally appeared on RealMoney Silver on Dec. 27 at 7:35 a.m. EST.

Next week will mark my sixth year on The Edge (seven years if you include my


gig). That's a long time.

I actually started out writing on

back in the late 1990s when I penned the Contrarian column. At that time, the site was a relatively new concept and a real-time experiment that struggled in its infancy, but it began to flourish even as the economy suffered in 2001.

Since I started writing on a consistent basis, we have not only dealt with the market's ups and downs, but we have shared some of life's experiences together -- through visits, emails, telephone conversations and other personal correspondences. Happily, over the last seven years, I have met numerous new friends (virtually and in person) from my experience as a member of


We have all experienced some terribly emotional times, most notably the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, and the loss of contributor Bill "Budman" Meehan. Over time, as painful as that period was, we recovered. And life went on.

As I mention annually, a few paragraphs could not possibly communicate the warm feelings I have about many of my acquired relationships -- with subscribers, with contributors, with editors and with the management of


Several years ago I initiated something different in order to express my sincere thanks and wish everyone a wonderful holiday season in my own special way. This morning, as I now do on an annual basis, I offer you the following (updated) parody of Dr. Seuss'

McElligot's Pool

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This is my holiday present to all of you, and it honors someone who has had a remarkable encore performance in 2007 -- Jim "El Capitan" Cramer. This year we saw the continued enormous success of Cramerica. Jim hit, for the second consecutive year, 70 home runs this year when he followed up his MVP season and Jim Cramer's

Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich

, with his newest book

Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for Life: Get Rich, Stay Rich (Make Your Kids Even Richer)

as he continued to captivate and teach investors with his enormously popular


show "Mad Money." Jim is the lifeblood of

and its sister site,



Over the last few years, the man who doesn't want to make friends but does want to make you money has introduced the words "skidaddy" and "booyah" and made them part of the investment world's vernacular. He has graced the cover of national magazines, has become a household name and endures (and takes it like a man!) endless and undeserved criticism.

Over the past several years, in numerous emails, telephone calls and one-on-one meetings (on and off the set!), I have learned to appreciate Jim as an investment professional and, more importantly, as a man. His drive for perfection has resulted in huge sacrifices. But you wouldn't know it, 'cause he doesn't say it.

Invariably, the weekend after I publish this tribute to Jim, he tells me that he has read this poem to his two daughters at bedtime (though by now they might be getting too old for bedtime stories!); this makes me very happy and makes my gig on


even more worthwhile.

To turn Gertrude Stein's words around, in Jimmy "there is a lot of there, there."

So from the Anti-Cramer to the real and one and only Cramer, this Bud's for you, Jimmy.

Before this year's version of Jim Cramer's Pool, I wanted to close by wishing our subscribers, editors, technicians, management and fellow contributors a merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year. And I wanted to thank you for granting me the wonderful platform on The Edge to present my ideas and logic -- as distorted as they might seem at times.

Now to... Jim Cramer's Pool!

It all started in June 1996, in a building on Wall Street ... far, far away.

"Young man," exclaimed the analyst,

"You're sort of a fright!

You'll never catch winners

On Jim Cramer's site!"

"The site is too small.

And, you might as well know it,

When brokers sell junk

Here's the place that they throw it.

"You might catch a Tyco

Or you might catch an Enron.

Even a Calpine

Oh no -- not Conseco!

But listen, young man.

If you sat 50 years

With your worms and your wishes

You'd grow a long beard

Long before you'd catch winners!"

"Hmmm ..." answered Cramer,

"It may be you're right.

I've written for hours

Without one single bite.

"There might be no winners.

But, again, well, there might!"

'Cause you never can tell

What goes on over time!

"This site might be bigger

Than you or I find!"

This might be a site, like I've read of in textbooks,

Connected to one of those underground brooks!

An underground river that starts here and flows

Right under 14 Wall! And then ... well, who knows?

It might keep going along, down where no one can see,

Right under the State Highway Two-Thousand-and-Three!

Right under the buildings! Right under the toes

Of our Managing Editor -- Kristin Bentz -- who's hanging out clothes!

It might keep on flowing ... perhaps, who can tell?

Right under the people in Bossman Tom Clarke's hotel!

Right under Morgan Stanley, where they're playing croquet!

Then under the mountains and far, far away!

This might be a river, Now mightn't it be,

Connecting Jim Cramer's site with the sea!

Then maybe some winners might be swimming toward me.

(If such things could be, They certainly would be!)

Some very smart strategists might point out the way

To the site where I'm fishing. And that's why I say

If you wait long enough; if you're patient and bright,

Who knows what you'll catch on Jim Cramer's site?!

You might catch a Smith

You might catch some Schiller

You might catch a Faulkner

Or a long, long drawn-out fish!

Any kind! Any shape! Any color or size!

You might catch some winners that would open your eyes!

I won't be surprised if a (Rev) Shark appears!

Complete with a collar and long floppy ears!

Whoofing along! And perhaps we might chase

A whole lot of Atayan right straight to this place!

You might catch a Dvorchak

With a precision-like tail!

You might catch Scotty

Who makes portfolios sail!

You might catch some Meisler

Who's a high-stepping winner.

You might catch a Danny

That's Danny -- my editor!

You might catch a Birenberg

With that incredible pen

For producing the models

That winners portend.

You might catch a Manning

A Chandler or a Comeau

Or even a Farley

Who is really sporty!

You might catch an Elfenbein

Now mightn't you now...?!

You might catch an Au

Whose ideas pay for my chow.

Some fish from L.A.,

Like Kahn Man -- so hot,

Might decide to sign up!

Well they might ... might they not?

Or racing up north for a chance to get right,

Full steam ahead for Jim Cramer's site

Some lucrative winners

Like the Dr. Bobby Marcin

From beyond Hudson Bay

Might decide to swim down,

Might be headed Jim's way!

It's a pretty long trip,

But they might

And they may.

You might catch a Gilmartin

Well, you might. It depends.

A long twisting short-selling Laudani

With a lot of strange bends

And, oddly enough,

With a pen on both ends!

One doesn't catch this kind of winner as a rule,

But the chances are fine in Jim Cramer's pool!

You might find a Kedrosky

An observer with muscle,

Might grab at your bait,

Then would you have a tussle!

To land one so valuable might take two or three hours,

But the next might be easy...

Like Tero, who likes flowers.

Or you might catch a winner

From a stranger place yet!

Like Grant Gates from the world's highest river,

In far-off Tibet.

You might catch a Merkel

And a biggie named Crescenzi

Both spouting their spouts

And all earning a bounty.

You'll probably catch many more writers

Like Norton and Nusbaum

And, oh by the way,

Did I mention Jeffrey Miller?

Then you'll stop for the day

'Cause there's nothing that's bigger

Than Jim's site, so they say.

Still, of course,

It might be...

That there is something bigger!

Someone like Barry Ritholtz

A Thing-A-Ma-Jigger!

Barry's a fundamentalist so big, if you know what I mean,

That he makes a whale look like a tiny sardine!

Oh, the site is full of a number of newbies,

Like Curzio, Debevec, Dicker and Ferayorni

If a subscriber is patient,

He might get many more winners!

And that's why I think

That we all get really bright

As we sit here and read

On Jim Cramer's site!

At time of publication, Kass and/or his funds had no position in stocks mentioned, although holdings can change at any time.

Doug Kass is founder and president of Seabreeze Partners Management, Inc., and the general partner and investment manager of Seabreeze Partners Short LP and Seabreeze Partners Short Offshore Fund, Ltd.