Justifying Today's Work

There's no sense pretending it's a big day, and Berko's already out the door.
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If it were a tad nicer both outside weather-wise, and inside bond-wise, I'd close the office right now. No use pretending it is a big day, or a big number, or a big anything. We have a good tape, and this might be the very day where I violate all the rules and bolt out of here like a bond guy.

Not much cooking. I think the


(NOK) - Get Report

upgrade from

Morgan Stanley

works, and I am taking some stock in Finland. I am not freaking out about


number cut on



, because it is acquisition-related and brings it in line with the rest of the Street.

I am not long the gambling stocks. They are a scourge and I never play them, but they are looking down.

I can't believe


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is looking up because of a production problem at Micron that has moved DRAMs up in price. But then again,

Phelps Dodge

(PD) - Get Report

cut copper output, and copper went up and so did the stock.

These moves smack of people trying to justify being here today, which is pretty much how I am feeling.

Oh, and please stop emailing me about some plot to drive down

General Magic


. My

comments were strictly historical. All I did was admit that I screwed up in buying the darn thing. Gee, candor wasn't rewarded in that one.

And there goes


-- out the door!!! Not as fast as out the

window, but a lot safer.

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