Many, many years ago, there was a terrific movie called

Oh, God!


George Burns


John Denver

. Burns, played "God," of course, with Denver being the only person on Earth who could see, hear and interact with him. Anyway, there's a great scene early in the movie when Denver first meets "God," and asks him, "How do I act around God?" And Burns tells him the best way to deal with this monumental event is to just stick to your normal routine. Denver is skeptical, but picks up a razor and starts shaving, just like every other morning. Denver goes on being Denver, and "God" goes on being "God."

Last week, we had a monumental event; there's no denying that. I plan to have a series of columns over the next week dealing specifically with "When and How to Sell Short," "When and How to Go Long," and "Lessons I (And Maybe You) Have Learned From Recent Events."

That said, I honestly think the best way to deal with last week is to take "God's" advice and stick to our normal routine. All the charts have changed. Our strategy should not.

Questions, comments? Do you miss George Burns and/or John Denver? Let me know at I'll be the one trying to act normal.

Oh, one note before we start. The questions you see below were all sent in long before the recent turmoil. I'm certain these readers would have asked different questions after this recent Friday. Nevertheless, it is helpful to look at some of these interesting charts, which were prepared


Friday's close.

The Logic in QLogic

Gary: QLogic (QLGC) hasn't gotten much press in all the recent chip hoopla. What do you see? Rich Gelb

Bond With Me, Gary

Gary: Let's see a bond chart!! James Padinha ('s

economics columnist)

The Problem With Scaling

Gary: My approach to Global Crossing (GBLX) has been to scale in at lower prices, but I'm beginning to wonder if the chart doesn't make me el stupido? Long term is one thing, but am I fighting the tape? Frank Tims

Verio's Cup Needs a Saucer

Gary: I've recently purchased Verio (VRIO) at $35 a share at the bottom of what looks like a "cup." Does this chart and the past week's trading signal a pending snapback following the steady decline of the past month? Fundamentals of the company are unchanged: negative earnings and lots of growth potential in business Internet solutions. The Lipes Family

Will It Hold, or Will It Fold?

Gary: How about a look at Amkor Technology (AMKR) - Get Report Mike O'Connor

Not Yet on Inktomi

Gary: Please give your opinion on Inktomi (INKT) -- buy, sell or hold at this point. James Blackerby

Slumping to Oblivion

Gary: Could you profile Internet Capital Group (ICGE) ? Its been caught in a fierce decline. My question is: Is this stock headed south some more? Juan Pena

Bluestone's Got the Blues

Gary: Looks like Bluestone Software (BLSW) took a beating. Is it a good time to get back into it? Randy Prater

Neither Short Nor Long

Gary: I was wondering about your take on Applied Materials (AMAT) - Get Report. John Preble

So That's What Happens in Bear Markets?

Gary: I would appreciate your thoughts on Redback Networks (RBAK) near term. Bharath Shashikumar

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