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JJC to the Fed: Get Thee to the Jitney!

Investors have been scared into submission by the Fed. It's time for the heavies to go on vacation!
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I am glad I don't work for the Fed. I would be begging to say the following to the minions: "Hey guys, we are freaking people out here. Let's cool it with the rhetoric and let the market percolate. We don't want to create a downturn here, we just want to cool things off!"

The camp that is still looking for a bunch of interest-rate bumps is beginning to look like the pro-


camp. Two tightenings and Bush is in.

I can't emphasize enough how these numbers make the story a different story. And I do hope that the Fed recognizes that they have scared the heck out of everybody and it is time for them to head to Montauk. Or Ventnor, or Galveston or wherever the heck Fed guys go.

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