NEW YORK (TheStreet) --Japan, the world's third largest economy, has been devastated by an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear emergency.

This week's question for CEOs:

How has the Japan catastrophe affected your company?

Iridium Commuications

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CEO Matthew Desch: "Well, we were the first on the ground because our system does not rely upon terrestrial facilities," said the chief of the McLean, Va.-based satellite-phone provider. "In disasters like Japan or Haiti, our system is the only thing that works when the power goes out and the cell towers go down. So our system is being used in Japan to help them recover and allow people to communicate with each other. We think it's been a very important part of the recovery."


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CEO Ivan Menezes: "We have a small business in Japan and we work with partnerships with




," said the chief of the London-based spirits maker, whose family of brands includes such icons as Guinness stout and Captain Morgan rum. "Right now our focus is really taking care of our people and through our partners. We are obviously watching the situation with great anxiety, and our hearts go out to the Japanese people.

"I'm confident that over time, Japan will recover and our brands and our business will do fine. But right now our focus is really to make sure our people are being taken care of and that we're giving back to the community in Japan as they work through this disaster."

First Majestic Silver

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CEO Keith Neumeyer: "It hasn't really affected the business," says the leader of the Vancouver, British Columbia-based silver miner. It may have been supportive to the metal price. "Originally, we saw the metal come down and then now they're going back up again, whether that's Libya-related or Japan-related, I'm not sure, but these ... bumps along the road

don't really affect the bull market that we're in."

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