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I've Got a Challenge for You

It's Investment Challenge, and it starts today.

I want you in my foxhole, playing Investment Challenge. I want you to catch the excitement of the opening, which is about as supercharged as a

World Series

. I want you in early. I want you to knock heads with me and


. And I want you to feel the heat and wipe the sweat from your brow.

I'll bring the Krispy Kremes.

I don't let anybody in here. I don't take calls from anyone a half-hour before the opening and 10 minutes after. Never. It's all raw emotion. It's pure concentration. I feel the same way about the opening as I did the first time my parents brought me to

Connie Mack Stadium

to see

Sandy Koufax

pitch against

TheStreet Recommends

Jim Bunning

. Gee, that grass was green. Gee, that smell was great.

One time only.

There's one difference. You will have better seats than I ever had. We were always in that upper deck, close enough to the radio booth to get heard over


when I screamed loud enough.

You will be seated next to me. Heck, I'll be throwing stuff at you if we screw up, so bring your umbrella and a catcher's mitt. And don't think we won't take it seriously. You will be in the room because you won the contest. That makes you a force in your own right.

You have something to contribute. So do I. We will work great together. So get involved. Get long the contest -- sign up


I look forward to seeing you here bright and early.

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