<I>TSC</I> Gets a Facelift

The site is getting a brand-new look and feel this weekend. Be sure to check it out!
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Depending when you get a look at this story, the surrounding colors and headlines might look a little different than they did the last time you checked into


. As we mentioned in an email to members late last week, we're going through a facelift of our design this weekend in an effort to make using the site easier.

Though this is a modest facelift, we know that even a little bit of change can be disconcerting. But take a deep breath and you'll see we've left just about everything where it previously had been. Above all, you'll note that the great stories, the scoops and the searing commentary is still right there, a click away. We know that it's the information that keeps you coming back for more, and we have no plans to tinker with that. But we also know that a little sprucing can go a long way to making your experience easier and richer.

On the left-hand side of the home page we've got a better-defined navigation bar that outlines where the premium goodies can be found. In addition, we've sought to make it a little easier for you to locate your favorite writers. The commentary section is lengthened to give you more mugs to view. The other departments are better organized so you can find the company news and analysis, breaking news and other items of interest. And we believe the modest change in background colors is a tad easier on the wandering eye.

You should also notice some additions as you look around the site. First, we've expanded our mutual funds coverage into a personal finance section. This is a harbinger of more good things to come, including more personal planning and investment information along with expanded, easier-to-find educational information. Also, we've got a new section for "breaking news." This is part of our effort to give you the latest news headlines more quickly. This section, along with our Briefing Room of expanded, continuous markets coverage, will give you a broader, more in-depth array of important stories and information.

The facelift also coincides with some improvements in our financial tools and research section. Our portfolio tracker has been expanded and improved to include everything from options, to unlimited positions to robust email delivery of stories that matter to your watchlist. In addition, that end-of-day email gives you the latest information on how your portfolio is performing.

This facelift is the first step of several we anticipate taking in the next few weeks. Each change is aimed at enriching your experience and making


easier to use. In short order we will be delivering you customization options, more stories and better financial research and tools.

We know that each change brings new ideas. And we've built this site along with many of you. Changes we've made in this facelift, along with changes we've made in the past, come directly from your suggestions. If you have suggestions or ideas, please don't hesitate to email me at

dkansas@thestreet.com. I'll direct your queries to the people who are working on making this site better every day.

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Dave Kansas