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It's Undeniable: The Cynic Has Returned

Everybody's popping Red Hots, it's a good tape and the trader's glad to be back.
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How underinvested was everybody in this market? They are throwing capital at this thing hand over fist. They want tech. They want drugs. They want financials. They don't want cash. Cash is a toxic trash sandwich washed down with a nuclear waste milkshake.

Most of all they want the

Red Hots. I was shocked, repeat, shocked, that the momentum funds allowed



to be down today. I mean, what is the deal? Could there be a broken water fountain at Brocade? Did someone park in the wrong parking spot? Was there a glitch in one of the brocades? Can't believe someone didn't reiterate buy on that one. Heck, these stocks aren't ever supposed to go down.

Ah, 20 years of trading has made me too cynical. This was a darn good day with a darn good tape. I'm thrilled. Period.

It's good to be back.

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