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And you thought those growth funds would just roll over and die? You thought the funds in the Investor's Business Daily Index wouldn't do anything necessary to preserve their quarters? Then you don't know the mutual fund business as well as you thought.

This week marks the end of a quarter, a quarter where unless you were in the

Red Hots, you don't have much to write home about. That won't sit well with the marketers. They are anxious to get their people on TV and in the magazines.

It doesn't sit well with the managers, either. They know the drill. Make it happen in 72 hours. Get long the hot ones. Move everything else up. Get the shorts to cover.

And you thought it would be different this time? You just don't know how high the stakes are in this game. Weak dollars, sloppy bonds, who cares? These third-quarter numbers aren't good enough. They have to make better ones.

Random musings:

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