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It's Just a Trading Market

What looked great yesterday looks lousy today, and vice versa.
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Prepping for my midday call with my partner,

Jeff "Poolside" Berkowitz

, I am going to tell him that we read it right, that there is a shake-out going on but that it seems like we are in decent shape, still attempting to find a bottom.

We think the action is constructive. We don't want that straight-back-up stuff. It needs to be more beleaguering. "Tape would like to go higher, but not enough stocks are doing well enough to participate," is how I am summarizing it. (You will probably sees this before he hears it!)

One of the more annoying features of this market (and why I think a bottom continues to be a Godot-like experience) is that what looked great yesterday looks horrible today and vice versa. Yesterday you couldn't get enough of the semis. Today you can't give them away. Yesterday drug stocks were positively illegal to own. Today they are uncontrolled substances. Stuff like this makes us a little more uneasy.

Bottom line Jeff and others: We are still oversold. We are still prone to rally, but it's simply a trade.

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