Here's a hunch, but I get paid to have hunches. Some Net fund, some fund that is built on being long the Internet, is going belly-up. You can smell it. These companies are now falling on their own weight. They can't lift for a second. The Net infrastructure and dot-com world is under more pressure than I have ever seen it and it has to be because someone, or some funds, are blowing up.

This is a sickening decline and it is encompassing everything that was meant for the Net. The arms merchants (i.e. the suppliers to the Net) are just being crushed and I have to believe that the decline is caused by massive liquidations by funds that have invested Net-specifically. It reminds me of the selloffs I have seen when oil-service stocks got liquidated and when gold stocks got liquidated. The sellers are of the distressed mutual-fund variety, not individuals.

Until we see the news of the blowup, we aren't buying any of these names. Too dangerous.

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