We can't press the sales here. We are hoping the market actually comes in because it would seem that things at the companies we like in tech are doing so well that it would be a gift if the market declined between here and quarter end. We don't want to lose our positions between now and the end of the quarter.

Oh I wish I could be more cautious, more negative, more skeptical, more gosh darn bearish but with

General Electric

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(CSCO) - Get Report



(MSFT) - Get Report




at or near all-time highs, what am I supposed to do, foment trouble? I can't pull that

Barton Biggs

stuff. Too many good things happening. Our sheets reflect this nontension: We have only two shorts, neither of which are large or noteworthy. Only silly raids like that on



that the bears trumped up earlier today mar the solid action.

Sometimes, when I look at the green on my screen and listen to

Jeff "Old Tech" Berkowitz


Matt "New Tech" Jacobs

there is a nice synergy. The companies that are doing well do go up!

What a relief.

Random musings

: Don't forget to get your call-in questions for our


show which tapes tomorrow night. My wife's got her new cast on and she doesn't mind me not cooking tomorrow night for a change... Matt "Palms Up" Jacobs won this war on



. Those of you who voted against him, Matt told me to tell you: Better luck next time, losers. I like that guy.

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