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It's All About Making Money

Cramer's not worried about equality and fairness when it comes to the market. His only requirement for favoring a stock is its ability to make him money.
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Stop taking me personally! I do not hate AMD (AMD) - Get Report. I do not love Intel (INTC) - Get Report. I am long Intel, and I want it to go up. I don't care where AMD trades -- I am neither long it nor short it.

So why do I

criticize AMD?

Because you can't make any money with that stock.

I am not for equal time or fairness or Jeffersonian democracy when it comes to the stock market. I am in favor of one principle:

making money

. If something makes me money or can make me money, I am in favor of it. If something can't, I don't care for it.

If I can't make money in your stock, I am not in favor of owning it. If



, or hyphen, or whatever the heck it is, guided people one way and then went the other way, I am not in favor of hi/fn.

Recently I was on Howard Kurtz's excellent "Reliable Sources" on


with some other media guys, and Howard asked us what kind of coverage we wanted about business. The other guys mouthed something about fairness, bias and detail -- some other righteous stuff. I said I was in favor of helping people make money. That's what I am about.

In 1982, I had an answering machine at law school. I would recommend a stock a week on my answering machine. (Don't worry, as soon as I took the course that told me you can't do this stuff without registering, I immediately registered.) I was making money for people hand-over-fist in a tough pre-bull market tape. My only screw-up was AMD. Ever since then, I have tried to make money repeatedly in AMD. I have tried a half-dozen times this year alone.

Every time I try to do so, the company screws up. Every time. That's why I don't have anything good to say about AMD. If I thought this stock could make you money I would be in favor of it. It can't. I'm against it.


Random musings:

This weekend, I'm going to rewrite the

piece about how a bad trade can create a rally. ... Yes, I am worried about


(IBM) - Get Report

after Laura Conigliaro's comments. ... After a period where, internally, I was critical of


for losing momentum, we have a bunch of breakout pieces on the site and

message boards with traction. (Remember, traction means everything that is great.)

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