It's a Jungle Out There

For Cramer and Berkowitz, it is October. They don't just buy any old dip. They are waiting for the big dip.
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The bears own the wires, that's for sure. "Brush Fire Threatens Northern California High Voltage Power Line" just comes over the tape. Nuclear leaks, earthquakes in Taiwan and Mexico. Killer mosquitoes. This stuff is pure downer and it has a cumulatively fatiguing effect.

It is rough out there. Just rough.

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For us, it is October. We don't just buy any old dip. We are waiting for the big dip. This ain't it. So, we are not taking advantage, for example, of the big


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dip. Normally we would. Down five, no preannouncement expected, tough quarter, but still probably pretty good. We are not chasing



up here, even though we think that's a solid story. And we let some


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go on the strength.

Lean. Playing it lean.

No sense getting our heads blown off this early in the month.

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