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Is Your Money Getting the Best Rate at Your Local Bank or Credit Union? knows your neighborhood better than you do.

First, I'd like to welcome to the network of properties.

Second, let's get busy and put our colleagues at to work for you. has the latest in rates on virtually every banking product you could possibly need: CDs, mortgages, money market accounts, savings accounts, interest checking, and home equity and auto loans.

The primo part of is that you can search for the best banking product in your neighborhood. Just

click here to compare your local banks and credit unions and find the best rate near you.

Ready for the ultra-primo part of BankingMyWay? This service is free.

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Give BankingMyWay a visit and start saving money today. And, as always, let us know what you think.

Let's stay interactive. And most importantly, let's start saving money.

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