Is the Sun Setting on This IPO Market?

Our cowboy in Colorado says, 'Go whip 'em and drive 'em.'
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When things look like they'll never end, they are about to.

I wrote that back on May 3, 1999. Boy, was I early.

Who could have known that it would be almost a full year later that we would see our first real signs of a slowdown in the IPO market. Back then it was easy for me to be a little guarded about my hopes for a prolonged bull market for IPOs. By that time we had been rocking steadily for almost seven months and I was long past beginning to anticipate

The End

. Right now, today, it would be very easy for any one of us to assume that the IPO party is over. So, what if it is?

This has been the longest run in the IPO market that I, or anyone I know, has ever seen. Who among us would have a legitimate beef if it shut down for a while? Anybody who has been involved in any meaningful way in the deals over the last, what,

16 months

, has made plenty of dough. Yup, we've grown fat at the trough.

But what if it's


over? What if what we're seeing is just the same shift toward quality that is taking place in the broader market? If that's true, then we may still have plenty of deal flow to graze on. Take a close look at the offerings that are expected to price this week and note those where I have highlighted things such as profitability. These are the deals that will win the "IPO Beauty Contest," the one where fund managers who are under pressure to justify their positions are the judges. These are where I would put my money if I were involved.

Always the recycler, I'll leave you with another chunk of evergreen advice from my May '99 column:

"This is not the way it usually is. This will end someday, and when it does, any multipoint premium will look pretty darned good! My advice? Trade like it could all end tomorrow, because it just might."

Now go whip 'em and drive 'em.

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