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Is No One Scared by Dell?

All the trader can say is wow.
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Resilient son of a gun, isn't it? I mean, we are sitting here being amazed, shocked at how well this tape takes it all. I doubted

Mark Haines

when he pronounced all is well at 9:45, but I should have been buying, I guess, rather than snickering.

Yeah, it is a tough business, all right. Sitting here banging out


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and then realizing that's wrong -- at least for now.

What is the market saying? How about that


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problems are being caused by a price war that's good for the suppliers? Or maybe that Dell was fully discounted at 75?

Or maybe that there's a ton of money coming in now that things aren't so bullish.

Or maybe, ultimately, that this is early, that we have a long day ahead of us and that we have seen the top (let's call that the


option because my partner,

Jeff Berkowitz

, is even more skeptical of the strength than I am).

Compounding the confusion, the consumer brand names, the traditional flight-to-quality offerings, aren't doing squat! Is no one scared by Dell?? In the background I got guys talking about the Dell train pulling out of the station!!

There's a book I read to my youngest, about a girl with a purple purse. Repeatedly, any time people see things they can't believe, all they can say is "wow."


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