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Welcome to



. The look is a little different, but the quality and intensity of the commentary is the same sharp stuff you've come to enjoy as a subscriber to


Since late 1996, when a good number of charter subscribers joined us, we have labored to build and improve our offering. We've added columnists, we've added tools and we've maintained a ferocious devotion to quality and new information.

Moreover, we've always sought to treat subscribers with a very high degree of care, knowing that you are the heart of our business. The launch of


marks a big step forward for our company.

After building and adding, we found ourselves cramming everything into a small space. With the launch of


, we've transformed


into a network of sites, with


becoming the free hub of the site. With subscribers having a special home, we'll be able to give you more directed features, more exclusivity and more value for your subscription buck.

All the good stuff at


-- powerful markets coverage, exceptional personal finance stories, in-depth corporate coverage and the latest news -- will always be just one click away. You'll see in the new global navigation bar, at the top of the page, an easy click directly to


So while we've reorganized the site, we've made it simple to move from commentary to the news pages of


. You'll notice we've removed the creamy yellow background. It's a change that will make moving throughout the network less aesthetically jarring. I know that may be disconcerting at first, but the new look will grow on you.

You'll also notice some improved navigational elements on the left-hand side of the screen, too. We're trying to make it easier for you to find things, and we welcome suggestions on how to make the site better.

Just email us at

members@realmoney.com. So what's new on



? Many things. Perhaps the biggest feature is

James J. Cramer's

Trading Diary

: a real-time account of the hedge fund manager's thoughts and plays -- updated throughout the trading day. This will be faster and easier to access than the previous version of different stories published during the day. In a similar vein, we're launching the

Columnist Conversation

, a new message board in which our columnists talk with each other and provide their takes on the market and the day's news, in real time. You get to listen in.

We'll also be hosting our own, exclusive chats with Cramer,

Jim Seymour


Adam Lashinsky


Herb Greenberg


Gary B. Smith

and other writers and columnists. The first chat, with Cramer, will be at 5 p.m. on June 29. Stay tuned for details. Also, as a


subscriber you'll get discounts to our seminars and conferences.

On June 28, we're having a seminar with Greenberg, Lashinsky and Smith in New York City after the market closes. Subscribers can attend for $245; for nonsubscribers, it's $395. Check out

this link for more details of the seminar, which focuses on how to battle the current challenging market.

We've been adding writers during the past several weeks, most recently

Bill Meehan


Steve Nagourney


Cantor Fitzgerald

. And more are on the way. We want you to get the best inside dope from the pros who know.

Remember, too, you'll get most of our columnists first. Some of them will subsequently appear on


, but on a delayed basis of at least 24 hours.

With the launch of


and the establishment of our network of sites, we are aiming to do what we've always done: provide you with exceptional financial news and commentary. We will continue to pursue that goal with all our heart. Finally, if you've got any questions, please feel free to email our customer support staff at

members@realmoney.com. We've come a long way since November 1996, and we have many of you to thank for that success!

L'Etoile du Nord

Dave Kansas


Dave Kansas is editor-in-chief of TheStreet.com. In keeping with TSC's editorial policy, he doesn't own or short individual stocks, though he owns stock in TheStreet.com. He also doesn't invest in hedge funds or other private investment partnerships. He welcomes your feedback at