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iPad Success Best Not Delay Next Version: Today's Outrage

How long will consumers wait for an iPad that can multitask - hello - why can't we play our iTunes while browsing the Web?
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) --How long will we have to wait for the next version of


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You know, the one with even faster speeds, more memory, more tricks and a lower price.

That's how it works in the "technology lane," as Steve Jobs put it when he explained the decision to cut the price of the original iPhone two months after it went on sale in June 2007. Then it was another year before the iPhone 3G came onto the market.

Now don't get your hopes up for a price cut so soon after the iPad's debut. It's clear Steve Jobs learned that lesson, considering the entry-level iPad is already priced $100 below the $599 cost of the original 8GB iPhone.

The bigger concern should be whether the success of the

iPad launch

will delay the next versions.

I'm sure the product extensions are already well along in development and just waiting for the right moment to spring onto the scene. After all, Apple has proven its prowess in managing the product life cycle and keeping customers coming back for more.

Remember how quickly the iPod moved through all its various iterations? Before we knew it, the iPod became an iPhone and now the iPhone expanded into an iPad.

So we know there's more to come, and I for one am already frustrated by the delay.

When will we get a built-in camera?

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When we will get more memory ports?

When will Apple get over its Flash phobia? There's too much


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. Flash action on the Web to be ignored, so take the feud off the field and give us everything we need to surf the Web. That's what an iPad is for, isn't it?

And for the love of money, when will Apple drop the exclusivity with


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I have no doubt that many of these features -- and more -- are already in the wings, waiting to be rolled out just when the iPad love fest starts to wane or when a super cool tablet built on


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Android starts to look menacing.

The only question in my mind is how long will we have to wait?

I kinda doubt it'll be a full year this time.

Better not be!

--Written by Glenn Hall in New York.

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