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Intersolv Getting Positive Quantitative Pulse

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Sometimes the stars come into alignment on a stock, and that seems to be the case today with



. Growth, value, fundamentals, a strong technical and quantitative backdrop -- Intersolv has them all.

On Thursday morning Intersolv reported that net income more than doubled on a 27% rise in revenue for the quarter ended in October, lending confidence to the buy signals from both my long-term high growth indicator and short-term trading indicator. (

As originally published, this story incorrectly said that net income rose 27% for the quarter.

) Valuation is low, and as


reporter Cory Johnson discussed last summer in an excellent

article on Intersolv, the company is well positioned with products, customers and experience to take advantage of new business arising from Year 2000 problems.

The stock is cheap, the fundamentals are strong and all the bells are ringing on the quantitative indicators. The only things slowing me down are shortness of breath and sweat on my palms -- I know those feelings, and I know they tell me to slow down, do the work and invest cautiously. Regardless, Intersolv is worth a look in today's market.

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