Intel's Miss Is a Yawner

Don't listen to the ninnies who are hollering about this one. We just don't know enough right now to get really riled up.
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Intel's a miss, but a nonevent miss in my book. I mean, maybe some screaming yahoo reporter will try to tell you that this was a big miss, but it is a real yawner I am afraid.

We don't know much more than that right now, except that the company is going to be very, very upbeat.

Amazingly, there are people in the badlands who can't resist pulling the trigger before they find out what is going on. You could have bought a block of stock at 63 and change in Instinet after the number was reported, but before the guidance was delivered.

Once the positive guidance came out though, someone "swept the street," taking all offerings to 64, and then other buyers came in. It is trading up one-half as I write.

Hope this helps.

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