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So today


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plays catch-up. Whenever an analyst on the fence makes a declaration -- in this case

Credit Suisse First Boston

coming out positively about the chipmaker -- the stock gets pizazz. In this new, antiliquidity world, it means that a three-point move turns into a six-point one.

This trading action in Intel is everything I have been talking about writ large. This stock is trading like a



or an


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, not Intel.

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Last time Intel got here, I made my fated Intel-goes-to-100 call on our TV

show. It then promptly took a nasty spin to below 70 and I had to eat crow and more Intel.

Hmmm, now I know the secret to eating crow: it tastes terrible going down but months later you recall it as a fine repast!

Random musings





Where's that Intel crow recipe? I need it -- badly.

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