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Continuing the old freak-out in the arms-merchant/infrastructure build-out names! The other day it was Exodus undefined (yes, I can say it without singing).

Today it is

F5 Networks

(FFIV) - Get Free Report

. It is too difficult in this limited space to tell you exactly

what F5 does --

besides go down

-- but that's what links are for.

F5 committed the mortal sin of reporting an in-line quarter! Dastardly. It is hard to believe that the company could only do an in-line quarter considering it sells load-balancing equipment that distributes Web traffic among servers. I thought this area, along with hosting, was red hot. (Suffice it to say


uses load-balancing equipment in spades, although I don't know if TSC uses F5, and I wouldn't be privy to it.)

So what we are getting is a nasty shock to the infrastructure plays. Just when we didn't need it. We continue to think that of the B2B names, the infrastucture/arms merchants and business-to-consumer stocks, we like the latter best, because

everyone has written them off

. And we dislike the infrastructure names because everybody is trying to hide in them.

Those hiding behind F5 have a lot less stock to hide behind today.

Random musings:

Oops, there goes another rubber tree ...



also did an in-line quarter with similar results. One-third-off sale!!

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