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Indexing the Red Hots

This weekend, Cramer unveils his new index, a measure of this crazy market's temperament.
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Nothing like starting an index and having the first day you test it be some sort of peak!

This weekend, I am revealing my

Cramer's Red Hot Index

. Eighteen companies in this index.

Totally subjective

, just like the

Dow Jones


Wouldn't you know it but premier

Red Hot name



goes and unlocks a lockup (allowing insiders to sell), cooling off my group analysis. Now, I am thinking, if it is a Red Hot Index, but it is Cramer's, the beauty is that I can take something out when it is cool and put in another Red Hot.

My able associate,

Matt Jacobs

, came up with the 18 number. We were going to do two geographic divisions, but they are all in the West. We include some rookies.

I have teased enough. You will love this index. It will replace all of the ones going right now as a measure of this crazy market's temperament. I can't wait until



Dow Jones


The New York Times

finds a way to crib it and call it their index. That ought to be a hoot for all of us.

Random musings:

Heavy options selling in



, but it isn't crushing the stock. Could be kind of bullish. Otherwise, this is the ultimate nothing day with many desks staffed lightly. ...


was not that bullish on



; it was

Maria Bartiromo

who was bullish. Who will stand up and stop this stuff?

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