Incubating a New Idea

Cramer contemplates leaving it all behind to go into the incubation business.
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That's it. I quit. I am going in the incubation business. I mean, forget about taking over my dad's jobber business. And this hedge fund business, now that had appeal for a while. Cash business. Good margins. No credit risk. Heck, I even liked the dot-com business for a while, at least until we came public and the abuse started.

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Ahh, but this incubation business, now there is something. You don't even have to do anything. You just get a bunch of guys in a room, preferably in Philadelphia, and you spread some dough around and then you, ahh, sit around and wait, nah, you incubate!!! (Do I dare look in the dictionary and see if that isn't the exact definition of incubate?!)

Sorry, couldn't resist. But it does occur to me that the only thing easier than doing is watching someone do it!

And I am long the incubators!

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