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The bull went to a six-count, but a robust report from National Semiconductor and Yahoo!'s continued strength helped KO the bear.
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The bull took a six-count, shook its head, put the mouthpiece back in, and hooved the bear back into hibernation -- all in one session!

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Oh, the bears will be screaming for a rematch, and some strategist will say that the bull got too long a count. But let's face it -- you gotta give the benefit of the doubt to the reigning champ.

What turned things around? I think it was

National Semiconductor


, which makes chips for virtually everything. It gave such a robust conference call that it allayed a huge number of fears.

And speaking of undisputed champs, don't forget



. People thought the bull was left out to the post-

S&P 500


People were wrong! What else is new?

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